Avyaktaa is excited to present it's new collection 'Rushaan' literally translating to light. A collection inspired from the beautiful Jaaliwork it aims to celebrate your inner radiance that illuminates everyone around you.

Lattice also called Jaali, Mashrabiya and Rushaan is an architectural element which is more prominent in the traditional architecture of the Islamic world. Eventually Jaalis were absorbed in the Indo-Islamic architecture with the purpose of lowering the temperature by compressing the air through its holes.

Jaalis are usually made with stones and woodwork consisting of an ornamental pattern which would usually be calligraphy and geometry. From forts to palaces and temples, you can easily see the beautiful jaalis used in jharokhas, boundary walls and windows. From geometrical patterns to flowers, jaalis are engraved with many beautiful structures.

With this collection, it is our tribute to the great architectural work of our ancestors and the techniques used to made these fine arts which are still standing in it's full glory. 

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